New ‘Possibility City’ ad to air Sunday

If you watch reality TV then you should know that on ABC this Sunday, Extreme Makeover is profiling Louisville’s favorite family, the Hughes’. The two-hour edition will also feature the new “Possibility City” ad from the Louisville Branding committee. It’s more of the same dichotomized hyperbole Americans love — “a city can make you a cosmopolitan multi-millionaire or a rustic hustling for nickels.”

It’s doubtful, but you might recognize the actor, Bruce Altman, from the baseball movie, “Rookie of the Year” (“I’m his manager!”). Or better yet, from the “Whitecaps” episode of The Sopranos.

Can’t wait ’til Sunday? Watch below:

What do you think — cool? Sucks?

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  1. Steve Magruder
    Posted February 16, 2008 at 4:35 pm | Permalink

    Not bad, I suppose.

    But I would say that Louisville (especially its increasingly nefarious agents Mayor Jer and the C-J editorial board) actually does have a major tendency to slap political dissenters on the wrist all the time.

    Louisville’s political culture is a combination of apathy, elitism and corporate arse-licking greed. While this situation is gradually improving (thanks to the Internet and some radio programs, one of which was effectively canceled by Mayor Jer), I posit that the city will be stuck in this rut for at least the number of years that Mayor Jer stays in office.

    In short, people in this city are very afraid to speak up, as usually, they are slapped down just about every time.