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8664 founders call out Mayor, CJ

In a lengthy letter to the editor that appears in today’s CJ, Tyler Allen and JC Stites — purveyors of 8664 — once again lay out their progressive vision for a new downtown interchange and East End bridge. They also accuse Mayor Abramson, the CJ editorial board and other ORBP supporters of intentionally blocking construction […]

Budget impasse

The LEO news desk just received a note from a Frankfort source who says the following: About a half hour ago, Senate Majority Floor Leader Dan Kelly emerged from the secret budget negotiations to report that if House and Senate conferees can’t strike an agreement by midnight tonight, they’ll abort the conference committee and plan […]

Girl Saturday

Who says politicians just say give the same speech wherever they go? I mean, Hillary Clinton took the stage at Manual High this afternoon and, instead of hitting on the same old same old, proceeded to offer a detailed and informed preview of tonight’s U of L-UNC match-up in the East Regional final. “Obviously, the […]

Kentucky Obama office opening

The people, they’re pretty riled up for Obama here in Louisville. This morning there was a mob scene on East Market in front of the old Hausman Jeep building, which was unveiled today as the headquarters of Barack Obama’s Kentucky campaign. I’d say the crowd was around 300 on a chilly but sunny Saturday morning, […]

Taibbi on the electorate

Go here and read Matt Taibbi’s latest Rolling Stone post on the American electorate. His theory: The American voter has been so beaten down by trite, meaningless “scandals” like Obama’s Rev. Wright and Clinton’s Gerry Ferraro that we haven’t realized how fast we’re cruising toward a milquetoast middle where there is not a shred of […]

No to casinos

So here is where we are: Gov. Beshear’s big plan to bring Kentucky back from ferocious debt — casino gaming — is dead. And here in KY, you can’t bring forth a constitutional amendment in an odd-numbered year, so this initiative won’t even re-emerge until 2010, if ever. In honor of the death of Beshear’s […]

Kierkegaard in ’08

Another candidate to consider: (JW)

Kierkegaard in ’08

Another candidate to consider: (JW)

Smoke ’em if you got ’em

This week in LEO, as part of the newspaper’s look at the fifth anniversary of the Iraq War, Mat Herron has a strong profile of former Louisvilllan Brandon Sword, who nearly died when a building he was inspecting turned out to be booby-trapped. A link to Mat’s story is just to the right on this […]

Liar to rock Louisville

So I fired up FPK this morning just in time to hear James Bickers say, “… be the fifth caller and win tickets to see Colin Powell…” and I had to laugh out loud because I didn’t know Colin Powell was even a musician, let alone on tour. And then I wondered who the warm-up […]