How pedestrian-friendly is this?

(This photo was taken around 1:45 p.m. today by David Morse, who posted more photos here.)

Wonder why the bleachers are blocking nearly the full width of the sidewalk along East Broadway? The Kentucky Derby Festival’s parade is coming up later this week, which is why you’ll see bleachers set up along Broadway. But it’s not cool to block the sidewalk.

Ironically, the city is also in the midst of its first ever pedestrian summit, which is meant to assess how walkable the city is right now.

I’m waiting to hear back from someone with the city about the bleachers. Meanwhile, heads up if you’re walking along there. (SG)


  1. Anonymous
    Posted April 29, 2008 at 12:45 am | Permalink

    One week we are pedestrian-friendly. The next week we are bike-friendly. One week we are green-friendly. The next week we are entertainmment-friendly. Whatever we are, the sole purpose of such friendliness is to give our Cheerleader-In-Chief a chance to wave his pom-poms. We don’t really do anything for any real reason.

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