Hillary is here

Well, almost. She’ll be here soon, we’re told. It’s 7:36 now, and dinner is being served to the big donors on the floor in front of the stage. The national press isn’t here yet, but the locals are out in force, as are the state’s force of progressive bloggers, most of which don’t have a taste for the Hill.

Who could, at this point?

A lot of people, apparently. Clinton’s supporters seem about as dogged as she is, which is a bizarre phenomenon to behold: They continue now in defiance of political logic, and there are probably a thousand or more of them here.

It was reported today that Obama has pulled ahead of Clinton in pledged superdelegates. That’s another bummer in a week of shit for Clinton.

More updates to come. (SG)

8:01: Still not here. David Tandy and Jennifer Moore just spoke. Nothing too exciting. No mention of Clinton without Obama and vice versa. It appears to be healing mode.

Most surprising thing: The bleachers are not even half full. The dinner tables, down in front of the stage, are.

8:07: Gov. Beshear just showed up. Others: Rep. Yarmuth, AG Jack Conway, former Sen. Wendell Ford, candidates galore (Fischer got a bigger hand than Lunsford), and scads of General Assembly folks.

8:18: The national press corps just arrived, probably 30 people heavily equipped, looking a little bummed but mostly just intent.

8:26: Lt. Gov. Mongiardo is speaking and I’m about to fall asleep. We’ve been sitting here for 90 minutes now, listening to the same old applause-line crap. Maybe that will never end. But why is it that there are always 10 opening acts for these things?

8:32: This is what I’m doing right now, during Gov. Beshear’s speech.

8:35: Did Clinton play the race card during an interview with USA Today? Read it and decide.

9:16: Clinton has yet to speak. She’s been standing on the stage about 7 or 8 minutes now, waiting patiently while Jennifer Moore (who was quick) and Terry McBrayer (who is not) give their speeches. McBrayer started by calling out Rep. Yarmuth for speaking about Obama, saying he’d contracted with Dean’s Milk to issue a milk carton with Obama’s face on it — you know, ’cause Obama hasn’t been here in awhile. Ooooohhhhhh! So, of course, Obama’s supporters started booing this jackass, Clinton’s supporters started hollering at them, and once again, the rift in the party, which appears to be quite real and active, was exposed.

9:23: Finally! She’s up! And she began with a conciliatory tone, talking about how Dems will be united in the fall to face John McCain, and that Dems should back the nominee, because the goal here, of course, is to win the presidency. Light applause to that one. Hm. Where’s the blood?

Frankly, Clinton sounds tired. She sounds deflated, down-tempo, done.

9:29: Hm. Clinton keeps saying “the eventual Democratic nominee” instead of referring to herself as that person. Major change in language.

9:32: The focus of her speech is Bush, not Obama. She just said she’s in the race “to make sure this country is all that it can be,” not to be president. Speeches and promises won’t solve our problems, she says.

The first reference to her being pres came some 15 minutes into the speech: “It took a Clinton to clean up after the first Bush, and it’s going to take…” The crowd noise drowned it out. Wonder what she said. Haha.

9:36: Clinton just said she’s into clean coal. Bummer. Clean coal’s a hoax. She also said she’d strengthen mine safety regs. Good stuff for KY.

9:44: Hahahaha! She just said the Republicans should be so embarrassed by the Bush years that they should just hand it over. Burn!

9:47: “One thing you may know about me — I’m no shrinking violet.”

9:50: She talks about seizing momentum we have now, thanks everybody, asks that God bless America, and that’s that. Sweet. (SG)

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  1. Anonymous
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    Obama’s “New Politics”?
    Stuffing ballot boxes in Indiana?

    OKAY. We ALL saw it. Including the Mayor of Hammond yelling at the Mayor of Gary on CNN. Why couldn’t CNN call the tie-breaker win for Clinton?? Because Obama’s supporter Gary, IN Mayor was printing up 11,000 new absentee ballots (the most they’ve ever had is 1,000)–and carrying the cartridges to the airport (???)
Lake County is notorious for this sort of thing, apparently
Read for yourself…

    Chicago style politics in Lake County VOTER FRAUD: