Iron Chefs in W. Louisville

Seeking to promote good nutrition and healthy, home cooked meals in Louisville’s urban centers, the Community Farm Alliance along with Urban Fresh are hosting an Iron Chef competition this Saturday, June 21st at the Victory Park Farmers’ Market at 22nd and Kentucky.

The two chefs, Richard Mezoff of the Ohio River Valley Food Venture and Executive Chef Michael Hargrove, are competing to create “Winning Market Meal” dishes that arre created from local ingredients that can be recreated by cooks at home. Mezoff and Hargrove will be judged on the originality, nutrition and overall taste, and how easily the recipe could be replicated by the average home cook.

“We’re trying to make it fun to cook fresh food,” said Karyn Moskowitz, business development organizer for Community Farm Alliance. With gas prices rising the cost of groceries have accrued which has given local farmer’s markets record numbers across Louisville.

“We had some of our best opening weeks,” Moskowitz said.

With a number of mentionable food crisis in recent memory, inlcuding basic favorites such as spinach, beef and tomato, food security has people concerned about buying food from elsewhere says Moskowitz. People feel safer knowing their food grown, picked, clean and packaged closer to home.

For more information call 502.775.4041

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