Tennyson’s JRC responds

Saying they have no animosity towards Mattie Jones & Co., the Rev. James Tennyson, the new interim director of the Justice Resource Center, promised that the work of the Rev. Louis Coleman would continue at the organization he founded and would not be derailed in the wake of a recent split between him and Jones.

“There are too many issue that need our attention to worry about these divisions,” he told LEO Weekly.

At a press conference Monday in the JRC headquarters on 28th & Hill streets, surrounded by more than a dozen people from different churches, including Frank Douglas, the director of the Nelson County chapter of the Justice Resource Center, Tennyson talked mostly about continuing the JRC’s work in the community, including expanding the gun buyback program and monitoring the hiring of minorities in businesses here.

When asked about a possible legal challenge from Jones & Co., who claim her unceremonious ouster was illegitimate, Tennyson said he would have liked to have kept the matter in-house — but he’s not worried.

“We have done everything legally and filed our papers with the state,” Tennyson said. “We’re on solid ground. I’m not worried. Right will win out in the end. We’re not going to say anything negative about them, Rev. Coleman wouldn’t want it.”

He said the group has five board members, including himself, J.T. Woods, Rueben Pulliam, Shelby Lanier and the Rev. Milton Seymour.

“This is the Justice Resource Center,” Pulliam said.

Tennyson urged those who have split with the organization to rejoin. “Those who have left, come back. Our arms are open,” he said.

Look for more in the upcoming issue of LEO Weekly. (PB)

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  1. Sharon White
    Posted April 7, 2010 at 1:38 pm | Permalink

    I am trying to find a phone number to locate Rev. James Tennyson. Please if there is anyone that could help me, I truly will be thankful.