Northup responds to ‘dirty dozen’ induction

Responding to her induction on the League of Conservation Voters’ 2008 Dirty Dozens list, former congresswoman, Republican Anne Northup called LEO Weekly’s offices and gave the following statement:

“The League of Conservation Voters is one of the most extreme environmental organizations in the country. They oppose any clean coal research and new drilling off the outer continental shelf, because they really oppose the use of oil. They should give John an A+ rating. What I hope it does is bring to the voters’ attention to his voting record despite John’s insistence that he’s not against oil. It’s just not true. The voters deserve a debate that compares his views on oil and his voting record on energy with mine. Instead he keeps making up excuses why this bill or that bill failed based on ridiculous excuses rather than admit he’s not for drilling for where there’s the largest amount of oil.”

Northup says LCV is targeting her because she’s in such a close race with Democratic Congressman John Yarmuth, KY-3. The one thing Dirty Dozen inductees have in common are their contested races, she says.

“It’s not our voting record,” she says. “They’re trying to make a difference in the outcome of these races. Plenty of people have the same record but they’re not in tough elections.”

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