Lunch Box: Cards, candidates and the CIA

* The widow of much-loved state Rep. Larry Belcher — who died Oct. 6 in a car crash on Interstate 65 — plans to run in her late husband’s place on Election Day. Linda Belcher hand delivered the necessary paperwork to Frankfort enabling her to seek the 49th District seat in Bullitt County, held by her husband, a Democrat, for six years.

* Could this be the year? If Rick Pitino’s optimism is any indication, then the chances of the Cards going far this season are pretty good. Let’s just hope T-Will recovers quickly.

* Lexington’s most lovable lush has been arrested more than 1,300 times and still is going strong. Police have picked up Henry Earl thousands of times over the past four decades, and national media outlets like Newsweek, and the website The Smoking Gun, have followed his story. A Fayette County judge now is determined to sober up the homeless man.

* It turns out the Bush administration is down with some questionable CIA interrogation tactics (known in most civilized cultures as torture). The Washington Post reports that in 2003 and 2004, the administration sent secret memos to the CIA endorsing the use of waterboarding and other aggressive “techniques” when questioning al-Qaeda suspects.