Lunchbox: Plumber & Co.

America’s Plumber: Invoked 23 times by McMan and B-Rock during the presidential debate last night, meet Sam ‘Joe the Plumber’ Wurzelbacher. He’s doing press conferences now that he’s America’s most famous working-class political tool. What other ‘name to occupation’ segues will politicians deliver to show they’re connected to regular America. Cody the frat boy? Kyle the interior designer? Barbara the bus driver?

Force fed: U of L is hoping that homecoming weekend will cover up another bad PR story. This time they’re getting hit for forcing students to buy food. FOX 41 reported that the university is requiring all full-time students, including commuters, to buy a meal plan of at least $250 beginning in the fall of 2009. In typical fashion, the students have started a Facebook group.

Happy Dragon: Speaking of food and choices, my continued pledge to eat only in West Louisville has become harder by the day. I ate at McDonald’s yesterday. Yuck! Let’s just say my stomach and bowels were apoplectic. For lunch today I’m chowing down on some pretty tasty Chinese food — shrimp lo mein to be exact. Yum!

Up and Dow: After plunging 733 points yesterday, early trading isn’t looking good. Right now it’s 275 below. Paulson’s state capitalism doesn’t seem to be working, so can we safely say we’re going from a recession to depression?

A fourth debate?: Yes, there are plans for another presidential debate but it is unlikely you’ll watch (if it’s even broadcast) considering the candidates. Hosted by “Democracy Now!” anchor Amy Goodman, it features the ‘other’ candidates. You know, those crazy people who have the audacity to run for the White House even though no one is paying attention. It’s being promoted by FreeandEqual.Org, and will feature all the long shots at the Columbia Political Union at Columbia University in New York. Find  it on C-SPAN and Joe the Plumber will invite you to his press conferences.