Hawkins lets it fly

Metro Councilman Doug Hawkins, R-25, is going full-bore with just 10 days till Election Day, accusing his opponent in the race for the 37th District state Senate seat, incumbent Dem Perry Clark, of ”trying to steal the election instead of earning it” in an e-mail sent to supporters. We’re left to assume Hawkins’s “steal” comment refers to negative campaigning, in which case he may want to ease up on the rhetoric throttle a bit. “Steal” has a pretty direct connotation in a country where elections have actually been stolen.  

Citing a mailer from the Clark campaign as the catalyst for his rather hysterical e-mail blast, Hawkins goes off on what he clearly sees as a mischaracterization of his council voting record. 

I am very proud of my voting record on the Louisville Metro Council and I have never voted against families or public safety personnel.  I have repeatedly voted against the Mayor’s budget because it doesn’t do enough for public safety and does nothing for South Louisville.  The Mayor’s budget is peppered with frivolous spending and is unaccountable to tax payers.

What I voted against is the Arena, every MSD rate increase, and storing bombs on top of our main drinking water supply.  In addition, I will vote against Cordish’s Center City project because the deal includes giving away taxpayer owned property for free.

The e-mail comes the same day Hawkins launched a TV commercial that appears to have been inspired by “Rocky IV”. (Hat tip: The Ville Voice

This comes a few days after Hawkins talked some well-intentioned smack about LEO Weekly in an actual LEO story. Burp. 

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  1. LetsTalkTruth
    Posted October 24, 2008 at 5:34 pm | Permalink

    Perhaps Doug Hawkins forgets that Americans are tired of being lied to…

    2/26/2004 Education Funding – Resolution urging legislature to maintain or increase current education funding; Doug Hawkins voted No

    4/22/2004 Firehouse Renovation – Ordinance allowing city to spend used money to renovate firehouses in the Urban Services District; Doug Hawkins voted No

    5/11/2006 Bond for Sewer Upgrade – An ordinance providing $50 million in bonds so that the Metropolitan Sewer District can upgrade sanitary sewers and improve storm water drainage; Doug Hawkins voted No

    4/26/2007 Public Safety – Providing additional $7.1 million for public safety agencies, Doug Hawkins voted No

    You can read it for yourself: http://datacenter.courier-journal.com/government/council/members.php?id=25

    P.S. Hospital is misspelled in Hawkins commercial