Lunchbox: Reliable narrator wanted

Debates are so 2006: If the gods of electoral justice had their way, we’d all be gathering around the heater tonight watching Mitch McConnell and Bruce Lunsford duke it out on KET. Of course, McConnell pulled out of that one for a previously scheduled campaign event, ostensibly at least, which now just so happens to be part of his 80 million-mile trek around KY to scare up some votes. Oh, and he just cancelled a presser in Louisville this morning for some major announcement re: veterans. He’ll instead announce tonight in Owensboro. Thoughts on what the announcement might be? 

Studly: How much of a stud is Metro Councilman Kelly Downard? This much: He scared off two thieves who were robbing a constituent’s house while Downard was dropping off a yard sign. He didn’t realize he was doing it. Mayor + Council Dems beware: Dude doesn’t even know how tough he is. 

Daily distraction: The Paducah Sun has reported that a grand jury in Marshall County will decide this week whether charges are warranted against Bruce Lunsford for supposedly stealing a recorder from a National Republican Senatorial Committee staffer who had bugged Lunsford’s podium prior to a debate in Gilbertsville. Interestingly, this story pins the decision whether to pursue the case on the McConnell campaign, even though the campaign has denied involvement and deferred questions about the incident to the NRSC. Anyone else ready for this buffoonery to end? McConnell should be ashamed. Can you be ashamed if you have no shame? (By the way, here’s some coverage of the rest of what happened after that debate.)

Blue Indiana: SurveyUSA reports that Obama is now up 49 percent to 45 percent in Indiana with eight days until Election Day. It would be the first time the Hoosier state went blue since Lyndon Johnson in 1964. 

Unreliable narrator: If you care about what might happen to America if John McCain is president, check out the NY Times Sunday Magazine piece on all the different metanarratives the Arizona septuagenerian’s campaign has tried and abandoned over the past year. If you haven’t already seen these — and observed each as its own disaster — you’re asleep at the wheel. Good story.

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