Monthly Archives: November 2008

Twas the night before Thanksgiving

If you ventured out to your favorite watering hole last night, chances are you ran into a handful of folks from your high school days, just as The Onion predicted in this story with the headline: 26-year-old to see every asshole he ever went to high school with on night before Thanksgiving. It’s a hilarious […]

W pardons turkeys: a retrospective


Corrections union rejects offer

The Louisville Metro Corrections Fraternal Order of Police voted unanimously last night to reject Mayor Jerry Abramson’s money-saving proposals, part of an ongoing effort to balance the city’s budget. The options presented to the corrections’ officers: taking three days of unpaid furloughs and rescinding an annual 2 percent pay raise. Yesterday, Abramson met with four […]

Lunchbox: gobble, gobble

Life without parole: The Kentucky Supreme Court has rejected school-shooter Michael Carneal’s request for a new competency hearing. In 1997, Carneal — who was 14 at the time — opened fire at his Paducah high school, killing three classmates and wounding others. He now claims he was mentally ill at the time he pleaded guilty […]

Calls for Obama to be mindful of coal country

Nearly 60 grassroots organizations and national groups have joined together to urge President-elect Barack Obama to think about communities affected by the coal industry when selecting appointees for key positions. The groups are opposed to Obama appointing candidates who have called for decreased regulation under the Bush administration, noting that for the safety of those […]

Lunchbox: (No) Thanksgiving edition

Good Cop, Bad Cop: About 800 members of the Louisville FOP voted unanimously to reject four options given to them by  Chief Robert White that would have cut $1.3 million from the police budget. Since announcing the city’s projected $20 million shortfall, Mayor Jerry Abramson has said in order to make the necessary cuts emergency […]

Not popular anymore … if ever

The Trillionaires

Dwarfing earlier multi-billion dollar bailouts, Bloomberg News reports the Federal Reserve says it is prepared to give up $7.76 trillion on behalf of taxpayers to thaw the credit markets. At this point, no one knows where the money is going. The Fed refuses to tell the press exactly who received the $2 trillion of emergency […]

Lunchbox: A case of the Mondays

J-Mo history: Kentucky Democratic Party Chairwoman Jennifer Moore will likely step down from the post in early 2009. Page One predicted it. Mining woes: Tennessee’s governor has joined Gov. Steve Beshear in criticizing a federal proposal that would make it easier for mining companies to dump blasted mountaintop refuse into waterways. Inked: More than 2,500 tattoo […]

Lunchbox: Your pre-weekend news update

    Execution nears: Last night, the Kentucky Supreme Court cleared what was likely the final hurdle standing between Marco Allen Chapman and his scheduled execution tonight at 7 p.m. Central Standard Time. Friendship pays?: Gov. Steve Beshear upped the salary of a longtime pal now working for the state by 25 percent. Ralph Coldiron, executive […]