Lunchbox: One more day(!)

Early and once: Tomorrow’s the big day, folks. Go vote for the person you think can pull the country from the shit-pile in the quickest, most economically sound and viable way possible — all the way down the ticket. If you’re in KY, here is the best site for all the relevant voting info. If you’re interested in reading about how the GOP is trying to steal another election, check this out. And if you want some overinflated “analysis” of every election anywhere, just turn on your TV. I’ll be on the CW Wednesday morning at 10AM with Jake from breaking down the business. 

Complainer: Political activist Ed Springston has filed an ethics complaint against Katie King, a candidate for District Judge, alleging she and her powerful dad, Metro Council prez Jim King, have behaved in a rather odorous way this campaign season. (Hat Tip: The Ville Voice)

Meanwhile, over here: In case you don’t care about anything right now that’s not Obama v. McCain, here’s the update: KY Gov. Steve Beshear sounded the alarm last week that the state is broke-ass and getting worse. How long until somebody gets David Williams out of the way in Frankfort so we can make some actual progress rather than continuing to cut services and programs? Harumph. 

Hilarious: Barack Obama is drawing crowds of 100,000 while John McCain has to bus kids in to fill his rallies. Ouch. 

Apologistia: May the apologists begin the chorus about George W. Bush being misunderstood

Coal for Christmas: Barack Obama wants to bankrupt the coal industry as much as Sarah Palin understands the First Amendment.

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  1. Heather
    Posted November 3, 2008 at 2:51 pm | Permalink

    Good luck on the CW tomorrow. I will tune in on-line!