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Lunchbox: New Year’s Eve Edition

At the helm: Coach Pitino touts Earl Clark and and Terrence Williams as the key playmakers for the Cardinals. Meanwhile, everyone is still dogging on Edgar Sosa for constantly turning over the ball and subsequently pouting. Tonight the Cards face UNLV; then it’s time for the Big Game on Sunday. Death toll: As of last […]

Lunchbox: The home stretch

Revised library makeover: The city’s outdated libraries might get $120 million in upgrades, but chances are it will take a really long time. Unsolved murder: A grieving man is offering a $100,000 reward to anyone with information leading to the arrest of those responsible for the murder of his brother 34 years ago. Martin Goldsmith […]

Protest Israeli attacks on Gaza this afternoon

A Louisville peace group is protesting Israel’s sustained bombing in the Gaza Strip later this afternoon. From a press release:  A group of concerned individuals is calling for an immediate response to the bombing of Gaza, recognizing that we as US citizens are responsible because it is our tax dollars paying for the planes (F-16′s) […]

Lunchbox: Welcome back Blotter

So we’re back. Chances are you are too. Bummer. We’ve had a pretty sweet morning: One of those motorized sidewalk cleaners that the Downtown Management District uses to keep our streetscapes spiffy crashed into our floor-to-ceiling window and left a spider crack all over that business. (They’ve promised to repair it post-haste.) Check it:  Land […]

Funniest three things I’ve seen this year …

… and watched again in the past week.  I took a little time off for the holidays, perfect for watching lots of football, college basketball and hilarious YouTube clips. Here are three of the best from this year. You should watch them right now.  1. Boom Goes the Dynamite: Sports Anchor Dude loses track of […]

Blogged out

Good afternoon dear readers.  We’re taking a bit of time off for the holidaze. That means, among other things, that we won’t be posting here until six days from now, short of some terrible disaster and/or the return of the messiah, whichever comes first.  See you Monday. We love you. Be safe, and be good.

Lunchbox: Christmas eve eve edition

Tragic loss: Mourners gathered last night at Lampton Baptist Church to remember  three brothers killed last week when the car they were riding in crashed into a tree. A funeral for the fourth boy killed in the crash will be Friday. Meanwhile, the 16-year-old driver is facing murder charges; he was fleeing police at the time […]

From KY Attorney General Jack Conway:

I was recently asked by a reporter if the job of Attorney General was all I thought it would be.  My answer to him was ‘it is all I thought it would be and more.’ I love Kentucky and I ran for this office because it is a position in which a person can truly […]

Lunchbox: Spin the thermometer edition

Hey!: We’re freezing our asses off and might build a fire in this office. Why is it so insanely cold? Read this.  Play on: The folks behind “Miracle on the Ohio,” a 2.5-hour documentary film about the illustrious Louisville Orchestra, gave a 15-minute preview of their film this morning. In September, we ran this story […]

WEB-ONLY Editor’s Note: Market inefficiencies

Here’s this week’s web-only Editor’s Note, “Market inefficiencies.” Hope you enjoy!