Lunchbox: Being broke is so depressing … edition

Ridin’ the rails: TARC is going to spend up to $150,000 to study a commuter rail line that would connect Louisville, Fort Knox and Elizabethtown (plus points in between), the C-J reports. You’ll recall that the group of advocates behind the proposal — Kentucky-Indiana Rail Advocates and the Coalition for the Advancement of Regional Transportation — trekked to Nashville a while back to assess the city’s commuter rail system, then took a group of local legislators on a test run along the proposed Louisville line a few weeks ago. Maybe this TARC study will go further than the late-90s light rail proposal. 

Still broke: Louisville Metro is still way damn broke, and Mayor Abramson continued delaying the inevitable (layoffs) this morning, during a press conference at which he announced a series of spending cuts (half the grants for arts group are gone, for instance) that gets us less than halfway to the $20 million mark — the amount of revenue shortfall. We’re also not going to be paving any roads for the next seven months, so enjoy that winter driving. Abramson is expected to announce further cuts later this week. Meanwhile, people here are declaring bankruptcy at higher levels. Shocker. 

Downtown what?: Great rundown of a recent meeting re: Downtown development and its pitfalls and rhetoric at Broken Sidewalk. Worth a few minutes at least. 

Pitino culpa: Coach P apologizes to the fans for the Cards’ dismal performance in a loss to Western Kentucky on Sunday. So long as it doesn’t happen again, Coach …

Are you surprised: That Obama is a centrist? That he’s choosing Clintonites, a neocon and other tried-and-trues for his Cabinet? Don’t be, says David Sirota.

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  1. Nicole
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    I think that is a great idea, it would help people feel safer about riding and to get around.