Lunchbox: Shoeless Muntader edition

A more responsible mayor?: Three members of the Metro Council have sent a letter to Attorney General Jack Conway, asking for clarification of the extent of Mayor Abramson’s authority in the wake of his unilateral decision to offer certain high-priced (for taxpayers) incentives to Cordish Cos., the Fourth Street Live developer given a sweetheart deal last month to develop a new, similar entertainment district at the site of the old Water Company, between Second and Third streets and Liberty Street and Muhammad Ali Boulevard. (Hal Heiner, R-19, Kelly Downard, R-16, and Tina Ward-Pugh, D-9 are the members who sent the letter.) The council action comes after a similar request for clarification was made by Ed Springston, a south Louisville activist and former mayoral candidate. Read his account (and laments) here. And here’s my take on a related topic, if you’re curious. 

Shop local (still!): The C-J’s Angie Fenton reports today that local entertainment biz is taking a hit in this craptastic economic depression, reinforcing why it’s important to shop local this season. 

No fun?: Is fandom at Louisville Cardinals hoops games taking a turn for the worse in the era of big-profit athletic departments? Seedy K is weighing in over at Score

Rainy day: Still lively is the debate over how the city should use its “rainy day fund,” which the Abramson administration first said was $65 million but, after Phillip Bailey’s prodding, revealed it’s actually over $90 million. Check out the always intriguing ideas of south Louisville blogger Paul Hosse for another take. 

Shoe toss: In case you were under a rock (Iraq?) this weekend, below is the video of Iraqi TV reporter Muntader al-Zaidi winging his shoes at President Bush. It’s a terrible insult in Iraqi culture to throw your shoes at someone — the person on the receiving end is thought to be lower than shoes, or in the dirt, and so on. Just as fascinating as the toss (and Bush’s expert ducking, which is metaphorically significant if nothing else) is the reaction in Iraq: Most people are referring to the shoe toss as an act of heroic defiance. 


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  1. Wallace
    Posted December 15, 2008 at 7:46 pm | Permalink

    Is it only by coincidence that Zaidi had been kidnapped by Islamists not long before. I suspect that he was coerced into throwing shoes and insulting Bush by threats of death by torture if he did not carry out what his kidnappers had demanded.

    His assault and attempted battery are hardly the stuff of the First Amendment. They are more like criminal assault and battery.