Recap of Saturday’s Gaza protest

We weren’t able to make Saturday’s protest of Israel’s war in Gaza, so we asked for a summary from somebody who was there. From David Horvath, of the Louisville Committee for Peace in the Middle East: 

It was an excellent turnout for a damp and cold day. We had around 175 people turn out for a high-energy and spirited march on Bardstown Road from Grinstead to Eastern Parkway and returning.  Drumming and chanting, the crowd was incredibly diverse and included veteran peace and justice folks from a number of organizations. But more importantly, the crowd included many Palestinians and other Arabs who came out with their whole families to march.  As their brothers and sisters in Gaza and the West Bank feel increasingly targeted and unsafe, it was good for them to have a place locally where they could come and publicly express their anger, sorrow, and frustration safely, and with support from others. There is still so much work to be done in terms of education and broadening the understanding of root causes, and maybe even consensus for solutions. To be added to the mailing list for the Louisville Committee for Peace in the Middle East to be kept informed of future actions and information, send a note to

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  1. Peace Lover
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    I am also for peace in Gaza. Why was there not a forum for peace in the eight years that Hamas continued to bomb Israel? Only after Israel retaliated in defense of itself, at the end of these eight years, does the cry for peace come to the ears of America. A country has the right to defend itself. If Hamas would cease bombing Israel, then this part of the conflict would end. How can Hamas bomb a nation and then accuse the nation when it defends itself against the attack? Hamas has used many innocent men, women and children of the area as a shield. They attack then hide behind local civilians, they bring innocent people to the front of the battle. Please report from both sides of the conflict in fairness and truth. The spoken goal of Hamas is the destruction of Israel, Israel only demands that the bombing stop. -observation of a non-Jewish, non-Palestinian peace lover

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