Monthly Archives: February 2009

McConnell the comedian

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell whooped it up at the Conservative Political Action Conference today, joking with his cronies that “conservatives are more fun and interesting than liberals.” The crowd roared with laughter, and the Kentucky Republican continued his speech with this zinger: “I mean, let’s be honest. Who wants to hang out with guys […]

Bike Bill DOA

The state legislature has passed on HB 88, a bill that would’ve marked a solid first step in the state’s recognition of bicycling as its own mode of transport (and would’ve enacted a host of neat statutes pertaining to cyclists’/pedestrians’ rights, too). Under current law, the state lumps bikes into the much larger “motor vehicle” […]

Trinity Pres: “We have students who do dumb things”

A’right:By now the press conference at recently locked-down Trinity High School is freshly over, and all we’ve learned from President Rob Mullen is: A vaguely worded threat was discovered on the back of a classroom desk chair yesterday afternoon warning of a shooting that would’ve taken place today during fourth period (approximately lunch time). Facebook, […]

Lunchbox: It’s news to you

Crossing guard killed: A driver fatally struck a crossing guard this morning outside Carrithers Middle School in Jeffersontown. It appears the female crossing guard — an employee of Louisville Metro Police — was in the crosswalk, although her shift had not yet started and the flashing school zone lights had not yet been activated. Police […]

‘Clean coal harnesses the awesome power of the word clean’


Meta Funny

Jimmy Fallon is officially doing better than the Republican Party. Just… wowsers.

Lunchbox: Don’t mess with summer vacation

Class dismissed: The state House voted yesterday in favor of waiving up to 10 school days missed by Kentucky students thanks to Hurricane Ike and the recent ice storm. If the Senate approves the measure as expected, the state Department of Education will have the authority to excuse districts from having to extend the school […]

Louisville Nuked!

Of all the movies that have been shot in the River City, only one of them depicted our city’s skyline engulfed by a nuclear mushroom cloud: “Return of the Living Dead Part II” (largely filmed in Cave Hill Cemetery, the film was directed by the co-writer of “Alien” and features lots of laughs, gore, and […]

Lights… Camera… Fire.

WLKY has just posted video of the fire that consumed Old Hickory Inn last Monday. Feel free to mute the droning audio and play a song that you feel is more appropriate. Suggestions can be made in the comments section. [youtube][/youtube]

Recovery of a Different Sort

Even when he pulls a grandpa, Joe the Veep is still A-OK: … so, yeah, be sure to check out that latest front in Obama’s multimedia stimulus offensive. Because if our government didn’t have this website, then the chances are good that they’d forget everything.