Lunchbox: Octo-mom attacks

Power to the people: More high winds blew through Metro Louisville, knocking out power for more than 37,000 customers last night. About 18,000 are still without power today. Meanwhile, E.On US, the parent company that owns Louisville’s power utility, contemplates the rate increase for LG&E customers due to the recent ice storm.

State of the city: Mayor Jerry Abramson made an informal state of the city address with fellow Democrats at the Metro Democratic Club meeting. The official address was cancelled due to the ice storm. The mayor decided to give the “CliffsNotes” version of the speech to a friendly crowd.

Live. Local. Law Breaking: What the hell is going on over at WLKY? Jim Bulleit, a morning reporter for Newschannel 32, was arrested at Kroger and charged with shoplifting and criminal trespassing. The grand total of the allegedly lifted items: $20.49. This is the second embarrassing moment for a WLKY reporter in recent months — last year, John Boel was charged with a DUI.

Party of eight: The photo of Nadya Suleman’s pregnant stomach shortly before she gave birth to octuplets looks like something out of science fiction. Seriously, it’s not photoshop.

Abe and Charles’ 200th: Today marks the birthday for two different sort of revolutionaries. Lincoln’s saved a nation and Darwin’s saved science, but both may have saved the modern world. Check out a new book on the two by New Yorker writer Adam Gopnik, “Angels and Ages: A Short Book about Darwin, Lincoln, and Modern Life”.