Been caught stealing?

In response to learning WLKY morning reporter Jim Bulleit allegedly stole a bascart full of junk food from the Kroger in Prospect, I considered doing a story about why well-to-do people shoplift (read: Winona Ryder).

But then I did a quick Lexis Nexis search on Bulleit and learned that he and his wife filed for bankruptcy last year.

I realize it’s unlikely Bulleit — assuming he is in fact guilty of shoplifting — would steal Cadbury Eggs and barbecue potato chips to feed his family, but his seemingly dire financial situation certainly makes the situation much less comical.

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  1. copernicusw
    Posted February 17, 2009 at 9:45 am | Permalink

    I empathize with his financial situation, but stealing is stealing and I’m sure if it was a matter of life and death to feed the children, he could choose something more nutritious than Cadbury eggs and potato chips. This sounds more of the thrill seeking stealing of an unbalanced mind. What’s next, “local news celebrity caught in vandalism ring painting parking meters with neon spray paint”? If one accepts a public position such as his, I would think that stealing would obviously be on the list of undesirable activities to avoid, mainly because it is WRONG, and secondly because it isn’t a good way to endear yourself to your community and your employer.

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