Trinity Pres: “We have students who do dumb things”

A’right:By now the press conference at recently locked-down Trinity High School is freshly over, and all we’ve learned from President Rob Mullen is:

  1. A vaguely worded threat was discovered on the back of a classroom desk chair yesterday afternoon warning of a shooting that would’ve taken place today during fourth period (approximately lunch time).
  2. Facebook, Myspace and various other social networking sites were employed to alert students and their families of the closure despite being devoid of details regarding the threat.
  3. The student(s) responsible will be punished just short of getting their hands cut off.
  4. Mullen noted that the terroristic threat could have been made years ago, perhaps even by a person who is now a graduate of the high school (It wasn’t me…).
  5. Mullen remains confident in the security of the high school, and, without going into the details of the schools security measures, I can speak from experiences that he’s right; after 9/11, the school (like most others) adopted a zero tolerance policy for this sort of shit.

Expect more on tonight’s local news-o-sphere…

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  1. Danny
    Posted February 27, 2009 at 5:09 pm | Permalink

    …and what else are we waiting to here from them???