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Astronauts: “That’s My TP, Thank You”

And to think that we’re letting something like a little old dying economy get us in a tizzy… Miles and miles above the smoldering ruins of our TiVo latte civilization, Russian and American space-people are having a hard time sharing the nicer space-toilet aboard the International Space Station. [BBC News] Turns out that the increasingly […]

Bunning: “Try, Try, Try Again”

File under “it practically writes itself”: Sen. Jim Bunning describes his re-election campaign’s fund-raising efforts as “lousy,” and then proceeded to urinate on every reporter in the room. Okay, not really. But perhaps he’s just trying to make his next quarter’s efforts seem better by comparison. Or maybe he’s having a hard time convincing his […]

Lunchbox: No ferries allowed

Turn on the radio: Public radio has more good news, locally. Louisville Public Media, which manages the city’s three public FM radio stations, raised a record $402,389 for its spring membership drive. The drive adds up to about 10 percent of the company’s annual budget. This is on the heels of last week’s announcement that […]

Attack of the Worms!

Egads! There’s an AP article hosted over at the C-J that portends total internet Armageddon tomorrow, which also happens to be April Fool’s Day. Although it could be a simple ploy to scare people back into the habit of reading newspapers, we’re going to assume it’s real. Here’s how it’s supposed to work: If your […]

Smoke ‘em if ya got ‘em…

For years, we’ve enjoyed the benefits of cheap spirits, cheaper smokes, and the health rates to claim bragging rights. Come Wednesday, however, and the twin-engines of Kentucky’s vice economy suffer their latest shocks in the form of a much ballyhooed tax hike. And ballyhooed is right: Surly cigar store merchants are fucking furious! How dare […]

China Syndrome V 2.0

A spectre is haunting the innernette… the spectre of Chinese hackers!?! According to The New York Times, yes, that is in fact what is happening. And none of us are safe. That means you, your mother, the Dalai Lama — nobody. Although I think we can forgive the Chinese for their fascination with how many […]

Giving Up The Ghost

First discovered by the fine folks over at PageOne, I think this bears being lifted and transplanted here if only to catch a raw and horrifying glimpse into the journalistic minds of Mssrs. Mark “Halloween Jack Nicholson Mask” Hebert and Alan “Gotcha!” Cutler: [youtube][/youtube] Suck on it, Geraldo!

Lunchbox: Save the clocktower

Long live Cordish: It appears Cordish Cos. is becoming a potent lightning rod in city politics to hit the administration with these days. After learning that the developer plans to use tax dollars to renovate downtown space for a club it already owns, a firestorm ensued. Now Metro Councilman Hal Heiner, R-19, wants a legal […]

Friday I’m In Love…

… with our awesomely ribald Congress (and most likely Sen. Kent Conrad’s wife): (BTW: Since the GOP’s alternative “budget” doesn’t contain any numbers whatsoever, we can hopefully assume it’s got loads of Vicorian era nude lithographs!)

Critical Massey

Massey Energy is sacrificing one of its own in what appears to be a rare occurrence of reality actually being heeded by King Coal. Reversing an earlier plea of not-guilty, Massey foreman David Runyon will instead plead guilty to one misdemeanor count regarding the tragically lax safety procedures at the Aracoma Alma Mine No. 1 […]