Let Sleeping Liebermans Lie

For all of its bottomless novelty, the internet can be a very dangerous place — it’s not exactly the kind of place where, if you’re a politician, you want to leave your ultra torrid Mexican vacation footage lying around. Thanks to the intrepid muckraking of LEO’s own Jim Welp (not to mention the highly complex info-networking that goes on behind the scenes here), we’ve obtained exclusive and shocking footage of Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman while on a trip to Mexico City last Fall.

As chairman of the Senate’s Homeland Security Committee, el droopo haunts the south of our border frequently on very important, very security-related business. Yet given the content of this video, Lieberman’s everything but business: After the click, he can be seen lusting after a woman (not his wife), engaging in random acts of violence, fighting a man who may or may not be Felipe Calderon, and generally acting like a smug asshole.


[Reader Survey — Now what hurts more: The fact that it’s not true, or the fact that you wanted it to be?]

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  1. Charlie
    Posted March 24, 2009 at 6:13 pm | Permalink

    I didn’t want it to be true.