If It Walks Like A Duck…

If you’re unaware of the firestorm regarding the City’s reaction to the intrepid reporting of LEO’s Phillip M. Bailey and his on-going investigation into the bureaucratically toxic Metro Housing Carnival of Mystery & Misappropriation, well… what in the hell is wrong with you? (For the uninitiated, Bailey’s original story can be found here; his follow-up here; and a nice succinct recap here, courtesy of the Ville Voice)

After being denied an open records request on the matter, today’s latest development involves a formal complaint that our editor, Stephen George, sent to the Kentucky AG’s office. [Also, oddly, courtesy of the Ville Voice]

Although I’ve personally observed this story from its periphery, it would appear that this is just the latest snafu for the increasingly-snafu-ridden Abramson Administration (here’s the previous one). Why hide behind legal sophistry if you’ve nothing to hide?

Smells funny…

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    Kramer v. LEO Acquisitions LLC