Lunchbox: Basketball (and some other news)

Bye bye Billy?: Although UK officials have not yet said whether basketball coach Billy Gillespie will be ousted, sources have told WHAS-11 he is as good as gone. Of course, our very own Seedy K had the intel last week.

Cards countdown: At 7:07 p.m., Louisville will tip-off against the Arizona Wildcats in the Sweet 16. (I will be on a plane for at least the first half. The heartless airline would not let me rearrange my flight and I am not amused.) Go Cards!

And in case you were worried: Coach Rick Pitino is not going anywhere. Not to Arizona, not to Lexington.

Lights out: Louisville tourism officials had grand plans about following Cards fans to Indy, where they intended to use lasers to project images onto downtown buildings to promote Possibility City. But then Indianapolis city officials learned of the marketing ploy and said to put down those lasers.

Afghanistan strategy: President Obama has announced a new strategy for the war in Afghanistan, including 4,000 more troops. In addition, the $2 billion a month currently being spent on the Afghan war is expected to increase by about 60 percent.

Big tobacco lawyer: Sen. Kirsten¬†Gillibrand, D-New York, doesn’t like to talk about her past as a lawyer defending the tobacco industry. Luckily, that’s where The New York Times steps in, digging up dirt on the senator’s lucrative work defending tobacco big-shots, who claimed they didn’t know smoking was a health hazard.