Lunchbox: No ferries allowed

Turn on the radio: Public radio has more good news, locally. Louisville Public Media, which manages the city’s three public FM radio stations, raised a record $402,389 for its spring membership drive. The drive adds up to about 10 percent of the company’s annual budget. This is on the heels of last week’s announcement that National Public Radio‚Äôs audience grew by 9 percent from a year ago.

Remembering Fontaine Ferry: My grandmother used to tell me Louisville had this grand amusement park in west Louisville called Fontaine Ferry Park. Opened in 1905, it was the original Kentucky Kingdom, except no blacks were allowed. She hated that and commented gleefully when it closed in 1969. Forty years later the Frazier International History Museum will host a special exhibit, “Fontaine Ferry” to showcase what was a fun time for some and a racist reminder for others.

Cali to KY: Lex-Vegas is buzzing over the prospect of Memphis Coach John Calipari coming to the Big Blue Nation. Even if you’re a Cards fan, admit it, wouldn’t it add some spice to the rivalry having Pitino v. Calipari on the sidelines.

End these times: Perhaps foreshadowing the inevitable, the Chicago Sun-Times filed for bankruptcy protection today. In December the Chicago Tribune, the city’s other major daily, did the same.

Detroit double standard: The Nation’s John Nichols asks, how come the auto industry must feel the pain while Wall Street, CEOs of big banks and insurance giants get to feel the love?

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