Monthly Archives: April 2009

Revenge of The Un-Nerds

As a former student of our Commonwealth’s flagship public university, I’m readily familiar with many of the abhorrent, hedonistic behaviors that sociologists kindly refer to as “coming of age” rituals. Phenomena like keg stands, hacky sack, acoustic guitars, date rape and basketball cheers represent futile attempts by the young adult to delay their inevitable confrontation […]

KY Seniors To Get Stimulated

No no no, not like that: The Commonwealth is slated to net $451,000 in stimulus funds for something called the Kentucky Senior Community Service Employment Program, which will provide career training to citizens aged 55 and up. [Read the full list here, via Business First] The funding will create nearly 50 new jobs, according to […]

Lunchbox: The Great Steamboat Obstacle Course

Fix the damn dams: Ever since hurricane Katrina busted through the levees, those of us who live by bodies of water are quite naturally worried about flooding. Always have been, really. Part of the federal stimulus package should therefore bring a bit of relief to the region. Louisville’s Army Corps of Engineers division will receive […]

I’m on a boat! (With Larry Birkhead!)

Yesterday I teamed up with co-worker Sara Havens for a serious journalistic mission on The Belle of Louisville. We interviewed many passengers and some “local celebs,” asking tough questions like, “So, what do you think about being on a boat?” Check back at Fatlip later to see some video footage of our endeavor. In the […]

Art Attack!

artwithoutwalls is the new art organization from Steve Wilson and Laura Lee Brown. It will work with artists to create installations and programs in a range of media and locations. The initial programming is in Louisville with plans to expand to include projects around the country.  Architect Steve Wiser is leading a Historic Walking Tour […]

After Derby Glow Arts Benefit

The Arts Council of Louisville ( is sponsoring the After Derby Glow Arts Benefit. Sunday, May 3 from 6-9 p.m. at River Bend Winery, 120 S. 10th St. $7 at the door. Featured artists are Heaven & Earth 360, Mike B, Poet Real, Tai Chi with Baba Serikali, Gregory Acker, Drum Circle, poet Madison West, music and […]

Lunchbox: It’s Derbytime

All play no work: Jefferson County’s jobless rate reached 10 percent last month, the highest point since 1985. Just a year ago, that number was at 6 percent. One state officials says, ”Companies are still not hiring even temporary workers at this point,” so expect the job slump to continue. The guest list: I know you […]

Filling A Hole

For all of Louisville’s short-comings and inadequacies (i.e. Derby), at least we’ve survived the fate of nearby Lexington, whose entrenched good old boy network has affected their mayor’s brain like an acute syphilis infection and resulted in a downtown that’s had more trouble finding itself than Dustin Hoffman in “Rain Man.” Like any good story […]

Dam The Stimulus

Kentuckiana will see even more stimulus-related construction: The Army Core of engineers recently announced they had discovered a chest filled with $200 million in gold coins, which they’ve decided to spend on the region’s green infrastructure (kind of like at the end of ‘The Goonies’ where they save the town from greedy developers and bumbling crooks!). […]

Call for art

The ArtCartel ( is looking for art for its upcoming exhibition “Dreams: A Journey Within.” The art must be on the theme of dreams. Deadline: June 14 E-mail submissions to In the subject, include title of the exhibition. In the body include title, dimensions and medium. Attach no more than three photos of your […]