Lunchbox: Welcome home, JC

Calipilarious: Pat Forde just straight rips UK Athletic Director Mitch Barnhart in a piece that appeared yesterday on The thuggish-ruggish Memphis coach arrives to an 8-year, $31.65 million deal, which Forde thinks is just crazy business. In his official introduction — it’s not been lost on a single reporter or commentator that today is April Fools’ Day — Calipari referred to himself as a “gatherer” about 10 times (you know, he gathers good people together, and they make things happen) and even invoked the chestnut cliche “It takes a village.” How many villages does $31.65 million buy?

Smoke ‘em up!: Is this not the best photo you’ve seen today? The new vice taxes — cigs and booze — take effect today, and the CJ story offers all the details.

Making it possible: This is funny and clever. And sure, it’s also cheesy and goofy and self-referential in a kinda odd way. But Jesus, laugh at yourself a little. It’s April Fools’ Day!

Stevens getting off (ugh): Alaska Sen. and Criminal Ted Stevens (R) will walk, because the Justice Department has decided to drop the case. The NYT calls it a “stunning development.” That’s a few adjectives short of appropriate.

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    You forget this item:

    “Ex-editor at LEO files sexual harassment suit”