Lunchbox: Oh Derby Week, we knew ye when …

Attention Butchertown residents: Swine flu doesn’t appear to have reached your quarters — yet. However, beware the pig shit and detritus on the streets around the JBS Swift plant these days — you wouldn’t want to finish your days sucking on a tube with that terrible reek stuffed up your nostrils. Here: A take on mainstream media’s coverage of our latest harbinger of death versus one Matt Drudge’s commentary.

Quality Road is out: and I’m left wondering where the hell to throw my money on Saturday. The bay colt — among the favorites for the 135th KY Derby — ran what trainer Timmy Jerkens called a “perfect” run yesterday at Belmont, after which QR had a “tinge” of blood coming from the newly patched crack in his right-front hoof. And that, race fans, is all it takes: QR is out, done for, repairing to the barn for some ol’-fashioned healing, which is a promising development considering the criticism of horse racing of late, which is that money-hungry trainers are abusing thoroughbreds — contributing to their untimely deaths, even — by pushing them too hard on the track.

Partied out: CityBlock, the locally owned complex that literally consumes a block of prime downtown real estate, has blown its last keg, owners Ward Plauche and Don Blackburn announced over the weekend. The pair have been especially critical of Metro government, which seemed prepared to help drown CB by offering the Baltimore-based Cordish Cos. subsidies and sweetheart deals to develop a swath of parking lot about 30 feet from CB.

Slowly and without assurance: The Ohio River Bridges Project, a $4.1 billion boondoggle currently keeping too many city and state workers occupied with doing nothing, is still sucking up way more taxpayer money than it should, according to this investigative piece by the C-J’s Marcus Green. How long, oh Lord, how long?

Dig deep: A Texas-based company will spend the next two months digging a giant hole in western Kentucky, in order to begin testing whether burying the carbon released by burning coal is a legit way of keeping it from polluting too much. Smoke screen? You tell me which is better: Burying our waste or sending it off into the atmosphere?

100 Days: Well, we’re 100 days into Barack Obama’s presdency, and the country remains in economic turmoil, the air is still dirty, corruption still exists, Jesus hasn’t come again, I still have to pay for health insurance, this rash hasn’t gone away, my hand hurts, it’s still summer-too-early in Louisville, we’re still fighting multiple wars in the Middle East, the combustion engine is still being used in American cars, Toyota is not yet making baby formula, we haven’t partnered with China to take over the world, my kids and grandkids will still inherit the debt, I don’t expect to have Social Security … but at least John McCain isn’t our president. Read some report cards on Pres. Barry’s first 100 here and here.

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  1. Tommy
    Posted April 29, 2009 at 12:53 am | Permalink

    Those guys at City Block should have been rewarded for being the best thing that has happened to Downtown Louisville. They actually were the driving force in the revitalization & drawing interest back downtown. It really sucks that the mayor is such a greedy D*@# H*%#…..he should have helped promote and support the Local Flavor of Downtown. The owners are owed an explaniation and an apology from the Mayor for being so disrespectfull. He has forgot that He’s a PUBLIC SERVANT and not KING of The PROVIDENCE!….Jerry!,,,,,we hope you get the SWINE FLU… deserve it!…..