Monthly Archives: May 2009

GOP Death Watch: Day 10,203

Whenever G. Gordon Liddy opens the fetid, bile-stained maw that is connected to the shining globular den of evil that is his head, only bad things will happen. … [T]here’s a real split on the right between elected officials, particularly in the Senate, who have jobs to keep, and radical figureheads in the conservative movement […]

TIME Magazine Loves Innuendo

Turns out Italian PM/creepy pedophile Silvio Berlusconi is, well, a creepy pedophile who just so happens to be the Prime Minister of Italy. That said, here’s that old lady’s rag, TIME Magazine, discovering that the optical phenomenon known as parallax can make you hip and snarky — but still a failing business model anyway. Comments?

Atlas Shat

If you require further proof that an alarmingly large number of conservative Americans have yet to advance their collective emotional maturity beyond that of a thirteen-year-old girl, peep this: When libertarians get overly upset with their fellow citizens’ statist preferences, they can retreat into Randian fantasies of fleeing their unworthy societies to found their own […]

Lunchbox: Budget blues and other news

Budget blues: The mayor has spoken, and the news isn’t good — his proposed budget calls for 119 layoffs, plus the elimination of 400 positions that are currently vacant. Jerry Abramson says this proposed $828 million budget has been the most difficult in his 20-year tenure as mayor. Confronting a killer: Relatives of the Iraqi […]

Mean green Kentuckiana machine

Later today local small-business leaders, clean energy advocates and residents of Louisville and Southern Indiana will host a tour of the Fischer SIPS plant, an energy efficient insulation company, to promote investment in a clean energy economy. “Our primary focus in Louisville is green jobs because it relates to the economy and environment simultaneously,” says […]

“The Thinker”

Rodin’s famous sculpture “The Thinker” on U of L’s campus will continue to be the color green instead of bronze. There are no funds set aside for its renovation in the operations budget portion of the university’s Master Plan.

Shell Oil’s Crude Measures on Trial

Stupid puns aside: When we normally talk about the dangers of our addiction to foreign fossil fuels, we’re usually talking about some amorphous, bearded, turbin-wearing boogeyman standing atop an oil derrick, shooting an AK-47 into the air. As the following documentary illustrates, we don’t know what in fuck we’re talking about, as oftentimes the boogeyman […]

Let The Cat-Fighting Begin

Or would ‘Donkey-Fighting’ be more accurate? In any event, Jack “The Jaw” Conway claims that his Democratic primary rival Daniel “The Coal-Loving Homophobe” Mongiardo has spun the results of an internal poll, which depicts the Lt. Governor with a hilarious fifteen-point lead. PageOne offers a succinct and rather biting response from Conway campaign manager Mark […]

Lunchbox: Cut. It. Out.

Cut. It. Out: Add another $7 million to the projected $20 million budget shortfall for the current fiscal year and we should expect next year’s budget won’t be booming. But for the first time since merger, the Abramson administration says Metro government will have less money to spend in the 2009-2010 fiscal year, which means […]

F.A.T. Friday

F.A.T. Friday – the Frankfort Avenue Trolley on the final Friday of the month, May 29. Explore the art galleries, shops and restaurants along Frankfort, Story and Mellwood Avenues from 6-10 p.m. There’s free parking, then hop on and off the free trolley. For more information, visit