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Art Attack!

Artists are invited to the next Artist Meeting at Louisville Visual Art Association on Wednesday, July 8 from 5:30-7:30 p.m. Snacks and refreshments will be available. Discussion points include: Photography day for artists and the specifics related to photographing your work; Artebella Daily – new electronic program featuring Louisville artists; AMP (Art Marketing Project) – discuss and […]

‘Duck Ring Tone’ Bad Omen For Lofty Change-Talk

Maybe it’s just a classic case of us reading too much into things, but we cannot help wondering if your President’s agenda will be overshadowed by a series of such obnoxious moments and misfires, somewhat poetically exemplified in the video below. (If Obama can’t get these dang reporters to silence their phones, then HOW WILL […]

Abramson: “Who is this kid?”

That was but one of the responses our Mayor had for Jefferson County GOP chairman Brad Cummings, the latter of whom had delivered earlier today a factual, coherent and scathing indictment of the Abramson administration’s (largely) post-merger shenanigans at the party’s headquarters on Muhammad Ali Boulevard. A somewhat nervous — though no less self-assured — […]

Lunchbox: C-J sues, Iraq rejoices, Goldblum lives

C-J sues: The Courier-Journal has filed a lawsuit claiming a city anti-litter ordinance violates the paper’s constitutional right to free speech. Metro Council passed the ordinance earlier this month to prevent the C-J from distributing advertising circulars on people’s driveways and lawns, as previously reported in LEO. Bunning backers on vaca?: Roll Call is reporting […]

First Friday

First Friday Trolley Gallery Hop on the first Friday of the month, July 3. Explore the art galleries, museums, shops and restaurants along East & West Main & Market Streets from 5-11 p.m. Hop on and off the free trolley.  The Glassworks Seconds Sale is during the June 3 First Friday. Doors open at 5:30 […]

Arts Council of Louisville honors sculptor Ed Hamilton

The Arts Council of Louisville is hosting an Appreciation Program in honor of sculptor Ed Hamilton. Actor Michael E. Crutcher, Sr. as Frederick Douglass will also be present. Saturday, July 4, 3:00-4:00 p.m. at The Lincoln Memorial Park, 129 E. River Road (near Tumbleweed). Contact Nana Yaa Asantewaa at 585-9525 for more information. 

Lovely News About Coal

Not really. In fact, quite the opposite; the EPA has released a list of the 44 most hazardous coal ash sites that will KILL YOU in the name of industry and job creation. Coal ash, a product of burning coal, is kept in liquid or a slurry, in containment ponds or dams. The EPA lists […]

Paradoxes Already Rampant in 2010 Election

So I just read PageOne’s take on Jack Conway’s hideous and recently retracted Google ad, which appeared as though it had been designed by a four-year-old using MS paint with a broken mouse (because I know), yet, in true quantum-mechanical fashion, the observation has become as important as the observed object. Put another way, their […]

Louisville’s Original Pottery Sale

Louisville’s Original Pottery Sale is Saturday, July 4 from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Masonic Home Campus, 3701 Frankfort Ave. Participating artists: Wayne Ferguson, Amy Elswick, Suzy Hatcher, Tonya Johnson, Davie Reneau, Laura Ross, Michael Tiller and Maggie Towne. Call 561-7878 for more information.

Hip Hip Hooray

What’s that dull thumping noise? Why it’s the sound of LEO Weekly’s editorial staff patting itself on the back. Our little rag won a boatload of awards this week, starting with a whopping 18 accolades — including five for first place — doled out by the Society of Professional Journalists. To top it off, staff […]