Whispers of Health Care Reform?

At some point very soon, Health-obsessed Sens. Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.) and Max Baucus (D-Bear Country) will meet with other senators, lawmakers, health/insurance industry types, and “White House Officials” to discuss what can be done about a health care system that ensures the mortality rate of babies born in Detroit is equal to that of those born in Bangladesh. There will probably be donuts, too.

The above scenario assumes, of course, that Kennedy’s lingering brain-surgery recovery won’t keep him on the sidelines of what the Obama Administration is touting (alongside the HuffPost‘s super-exciting splash page) as the first major step toward the perfect utopian health care system that we Americans so truly deserve — unlike the one we’ve got now, which sucks hard. And where there’s sucking, having a Kennedy around is never a bad idea.

From the NYT:

WASHINGTON — President Obama will meet with influential Senate Democrats on Tuesday to discuss overhauling health care, as the White House releases a report asserting that revamping the system would increase the income of a typical family of four by $2,600 in 2020, and by $10,000 in 2030.

The Democrats on two Senate committees that are drafting health legislation have been invited to the White House to meet with Mr. Obama, hours before he leaves for the Middle East and Europe. As part of a push to secure Congressional passage of a bill this year, the administration will also make the case on Tuesday that reforming health care is critical to fixing the economy.

They said the potential savings could be $1 trillion to $1.7 trillion over 10 years.

Although Republicans will humorously attempt to attack anything produced from such a meeting — most likely due to their collective distain of the report’s contents, which include “charts, graphs … algebraic formulas” and other things Jesus did not Himself create — they will (as always) miss the real point: A single-payer option is the best option.

The Obama administration is correct in its correlation of spiraling health care costs and their parasitic relationship to overall GDP. Yet of all the differing programs and meta-institutional shifts required of such a task, it’s good news to learn that Baucus — whom has received more money than any other Congressional Democrat from megalithic, life-fucking pharmeuceutical and health insurance companies — is finally starting to cave in to single-payer advocates, five of whom he will meet with tomorrow in what hopefully amounts to more than a lip service. It’ll be the first chance that the most efficient, cost-effective, and quality-of-life-enhancing solution to our current system (which ranks 37th worldwide in terms of quality of care; first in per capita costs and bankrupt laissez faire-atavitism) is presented to a person who might actually be able to make it a reality.

Or smash it into a million pieces, Scrooge-style. Or water it down to the point where even the idea of a single-payer system (along with Democratic eleciability) is forever crippled by a lame, half-assed attempt while the rest of the industrialized world smokes and drinks and fucks their way into their nineties, paying pennies on the dollar.

Fucking French…