Bunning to C-J: NO NEWS FOR YOU!!!

As much fun as it is to rag on The Courier-Journal, our hearts go out to political reporter Joe Gerth, whom was recently declared persona non grata by Sen. Jim Bunning’s office for reasons both dumb and dumber.

That means no more conference calls, no more access, just a blatant “fuck you” to a guy whose only fault was doing his job perhaps a little too well.

Apparently, Gerth suffers from a “political agenda,” which is funny because everything of his that I’ve read regarding Sen. Batshit is, at best, tinged with a kind of timid amusement, but is for the most part as benign as a gentle breeze. By merely transcribing and reporting the insanity that frequently occurred during those hallowed conference calls, however, Gerth is now denied access to an increasingly malfunctioning politician whose paranoia, message-incoherency and general mental decay continue to stew and mature in flavor — not unlike a hearty borsch — and in so doing have greenlit the most fundamental of last resorts reserved for isolationist politicking: Keep the bastards at bay and hope to God they’ll turn down the heat.

Unfortunately for Jimbo, he’s only burning himself.

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  1. ConservativeRepublican
    Posted June 18, 2009 at 4:11 pm | Permalink

    It’s obvious that Bunning is done. Interestingly enough former Democrat and Clinton-appointee Trey Grayson won’t do much better.