Paradoxes Already Rampant in 2010 Election

So I just read PageOne’s take on Jack Conway’s hideous and recently retracted Google ad, which appeared as though it had been designed by a four-year-old using MS paint with a broken mouse (because I know), yet, in true quantum-mechanical fashion, the observation has become as important as the observed object.

Put another way, their take on the Conway campaign’s fugly advert is a minuscule snipe within an overarching election cycle that has yet to fully gain the momentum necessary to warrant such observations. Like Schrödinger’s cat, it may — or may not be — early enough yet to snipe-at-will when the primary itself is still a year away.

However, an observation was recorded, and fate has determined that this observation — as per the uncertainty principle — rules in favor of it being open season. The mere fact that the Conway campaign allowed something like this to slip through does reveal evidence of a surprisingly tech-dumb and law-breaking web team (did we mention the ad violated campaign finance laws? Whoops.)

If this is the case — i.e. Conway’s interns cannot learn how to use a Mac or drink enough lattes or whatever they need to do so their man can “win” — we are brought back to the original premise: The election is still ten months away. Of course they don’t have their shit together (Have you seen Mongiardo’s campaign? Or, for that matter, Bunning’s?), because (and I hate to do this) this is Kentucky, folks. The term “well-oiled machine” is something that exists in only Popular Mechanics here, which we usually eschew for a Guns & Ammo or another tub of pig lard anyway.

But then… that doesn’t excuse the potential campaign finance violation, does it?

However… it, uh… it… aw fuck it. Who needs the headache? Go outside!!!!!!

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  1. Lu Reid
    Posted June 29, 2009 at 7:18 pm | Permalink

    A whole year of Jakie jumping up and down yelling Look at me Look at me Look at me. GAWWWWD! Conway better listen, just ask Governor Henry or Senator Lunsford.