Monthly Archives: August 2009

Word of the day: LEO

Ever wonder what word your congressional representative uses the most? Well if you did (and even if you didn’t), then hat tip to WFPL’s Gabe Bullard. He posted a link to this interesting (and rather addictive) site called Capitol Words, which tracks how often certain words are said in Congress. From The Edit: Looking at […]

Lunchbox: The Trial

Day one: The trial of ex-PRP football coach Jason Stinson begins today, and with everything that’s riding on it — permanent changes to the way high school football coaches work with their players being the national story, Stinson and PRP’s future the local one — it’s certain to be a circus. Stinson was at the […]

Call for artists

The 16th Annual African American Art Exhibition at Actors Theatre has issued a call for entries. Deadline: Oct. 30. The Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft is looking for artists interested in their Artist-in-Residency Program. It provides an emerging artist the opportunity to hone their craft within an active museum environment. Benefits include the use […]

Lunchbox: A healthy dose of mostly bad news

The good guys?: A New York Times reporter travelled all the way to Louisville to interview several Humana employees, getting their response to being characterized as “villains” in the health care debate. Not surprisingly, the employees chosen (presumably by HR) are happy with health care as is. As for the demonization of the health insurance […]

L-Dubb gets Thug Motivation 101

Former University of Louisville basketball player Luke Whitehead’s drug trafficking charges put up better  numbers than he ever produced on the court. The former U of L forward was arrested and charged yesterday after detectives reportedly found 5 pounds of marijuana, two handguns, digital scales and $4,680 in cash at his Jeffersontown home, according to […]

Wetter, Hotter American Summer

A new report released by The Nature Conservancy predicts that over the next 100 years, Kentucky’s average temperature is expected to rise 8.8 degrees, precipitation will increase by as much as 4.3 feet of rain per year, and we’re all going to DIE. This is all because of green house gases, by the way, which […]

Weekend Art Attack!

Suzanne Dougherty is doing a portrait demonstration at Dunbar-Dougherty Studio, 2003 Frankfort Ave., during the August 28 F.A.T. Friday Trolley Hop. The Arts Council of Louisville is hosting a “Creative Conversation” on Saturday, Aug. 29, from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. 332 W. Broadway, Heyburn Building, second floor conference. Contact Nana Yaa Asantewaa at 585-9525 for more […]

Main Library is (partially) reopened

Three weeks after sustaining more than $5 million in damage due to the Aug. 4 flash flood, Louisville’s Main Library reopened to the general public today. Mayor Jerry Abramson and Library Director Craig Buthod held a ceremonial “door-opening” to mark the public’s access to the library’s first floor, which offers a full range of library […]

Lies My Twitter-Box Told Me

As Americans, we’re the most blogginist, most tweetinist varmints to ever grace this dying planet; inheritors of the Industrial, Green and technological revolutions that have largely passed by the majority of the world’s poor, non-tweeting population, we’ve reaped the benefits of “progress” such that the sheer amount of information at our fingertips would make us […]

Lunchbox: MSD got fingered

The flood finger: Residents from west and south Louisville vented their frustrations to the Metro Council yesterday, complaining about chronic flooding problems and the city’s poor response to the Aug. 4 flash flood. In the beginning of the committee’s formation Metro Councilwoman Judy Green, D-1, said the ad hoc Flood Committee shouldn’t be about pointing […]