Thou Shalt Not Smirk: Atheists Drive Mechanical Ark to Creation Museum

How in the wide wide world of sports did we miss this?

PETERSBURG, Ky., Aug. 11, 2009 – While no one was sure what to expect when ideologies clashed on Friday, staff at the Creation Museum were pleased overall (despite some minor incidents) with how well the visit from the Secular Student Alliance (SSA) went. In fact, the Creation Museum, an outreach of Answers in Genesis, is open to future visits by the SSA or other similar humanist groups, seeking to be informed about arguments that support the Bible’s account of world history, starting with Creation. [press release]

What “Minor” incidents, you might ask? Did someone wear an offensive pro-evolution t-shirt featuring that bearded pedophile/Nazi, C. Darwin? BURN HIM!


Not shown is the other stuff that went on at the same time. While Looy had Derek off to the side, their head of security hovered about and tried to interpose himself between Looy and all the cameras aimed at him…an impossibility, since there was a whole arc of watchful atheists around them. At one point he gestured to one of the uniformed guards and sent him to escort one attendee with a large, high-quality video camera off the premises — this happened to be a fellow who was there making a documentary about atheists, who had been careful to not directly participate and who was certainly not wearing any godless apparel. The creationists are certainly brilliant at PR, aren’t they?” [A bearded skeptic, via Scienceblogs]

Godless apparel? I guess I never knew Jesus was such a fashionista.


  1. helizna
    Posted August 12, 2009 at 10:51 pm | Permalink

    This article is not good journalism. So SSA visited the Creation Museum and a tasteless t-shirt gets LEO’s attention? WTF? Nothing else went wrong? Nobody screaming slogans? No placards and pickets and heated arguments? Really?? A T-shirt????? Give us one of your usually higher-class notes, instead next time, OK?

  2. jmeador
    Posted August 13, 2009 at 11:34 am | Permalink

    Ahem: Had you clicked the link to Scienceblogs, you would have discovered that nothing of the kind happened. No “screaming slogans,” placards, pickets nor sensationalized conflict to report on. Just a few people kicked out for snickering, being inquisitive, and wearing a (gasp) godless tee-shurt. Such are the constraints of private commercial property: Had it been a real (public) museum, nobody would bat an eyelash if the kid was wearing a shirt featuring, say, the Evil Marilyn Manson, much less kick him out for wearing it.

    But I agree with your first point, though.