Main Library is (partially) reopened

Three weeks after sustaining more than $5 million in damage due to the Aug. 4 flash flood, Louisville’s Main Library reopened to the general public today. Mayor Jerry Abramson and Library Director Craig Buthod held a ceremonial “door-opening” to mark the public’s access to the library’s first floor, which offers a full range of library services including books to check out, internet computers, the children’s library, and CDs, DVDs and recorded audiobooks.

After the flash flood poured more than six feet of water in the library’s operations center early estimates projected that the main branch wouldn’t be reopened to the public until Labor Day.

“We are gratified and relieved that our historic Main Library is back in business,” Abramson said in a press release. “While we have been able to offer library services at our 16 other branches, the Main Library is a proud symbol of what an important community asset our libraries are. It’s great to have her back.”

The lower level, mezzanine and second floor are still off limits to patrons for now. Library officials say repairs to the elevators, HVAC systems and other facets of the facility are expected to be completed later in the year.

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