Monthly Archives: September 2009

Flustered Massey Sues Treepeople

Corporate python Massey Energy has filed suit against the latest sign-wielding human to bring its destructive mountaintop removal mining practices to a halt. From the AP, reporting in Morgantown, West Virginia: Massey did not immediately comment on its cases Wednesday, but court filings suggest the protesters are having a measurable, if minor, impact on the […]

Metro gov’t launches 24/7 tip line

Metro government will launch a new 24/7 anonymous tip line Oct. 1, enabling citizens and city employees to report suspected fraud, abuse and other unethical activities on the part of Metro employees, contractors or suppliers. The ethics reporting service is completely anonymous. The city contracted the ethics reporting service with The Network Inc., a technology […]

Lunchbox: Local, regional, national, beyond

Get motivated!: U of L Coach Rick Pitino says, “I could wake up and come up with 10 reasons why I should be unhappy.” But instead, he says, “I convince myself every morning how lucky I am, how blessed I am.” These are among the many gems Coach shared during a motivational conference yesterday that […]

The Bailout: A Dramatization

Those wonks over at The Nation have rendered our government’s ongoing corporate welfare scheme, known colloquially as “Carpetbaggers 2: The Return,” in terms that the average Kentuckian can understand. (sorry: No explosions or tits!) Although their allegory, which personifies the failing financial institutions in the fictitious guise of “Joe & Katie Hazzard,” is at times […]

Lunchbox: Dr. Dan’s potty mouth

Curse you: In a recording that has gone viral on YouTube, U.S. Senate candidate and Lt. Gov. Daniel Mongiardo criticized Gov. Steve Beshear in comments laced with profanity, saying that due to a lack of support from the governor, he is “close to saying fuck it all. I do not need this job. I do […]

U of L on alert

University of Louisville officials issued an alert to students and employees about an hour ago warning them to be on the lookout for two men — possibly armed — wanted in connection with a sexual assault. The warning reads: Be on the lookout for two black males, 40 to 55 years old, one 6’2″ to […]

Lunchbox: Your mid-Monday news roundup

Small-town, without the charm: Since news that a U.S. Census field worker was found dead in a cemetery — hands and feet bound and tied to a tree with the word “Fed” scrawled on his bare chest — residents of rural Clay County have worried the tragedy might further tarnish their community’s already bad reputation. […]

Kings guilty of election violations

The Kentucky Registry of Election Finance ruled today that mayoral candidate and Metro Councilman Jim King, D-10, and his daughter, Jefferson District Judge Katie King, are both guilty of unknowingly violating state election law. In a preliminary finding released earlier this month, the agency’s staff said Councilman King violated campaign finance laws by giving his […]

McConnell Says Something False. Again.

Look! It’s our non-sleeping senator, Mitch McConnell, on the front page of the left-leaning news-and-celebrity T&A website The Huffington Post. And hey, there’s John Boehner, too! What did these fine men do to deserve such an honor? Why, they’re lying dicks!

Straight Outta London

[UPDATE: The AP now reports that Sparkman’s body was found in what could potentially be “drug country,” aka in the general vicinity of serious marijuana cultivation sites (which, to give an idea of their magnitude, account for the lion’s share of the so-called southeastern U.S. “pot belt.“) and general methamphetamine trafficking. Nevertheless, an ugly, brutal […]