Lunchbox: Dr. Dan’s potty mouth

Curse you: In a recording that has gone viral on YouTube, U.S. Senate candidate and Lt. Gov. Daniel Mongiardo criticized Gov. Steve Beshear in comments laced with profanity, saying that due to a lack of support from the governor, he is “close to saying fuck it all. I do not need this job. I do not need the U.S. Senate,” among other choice phrases. Profanity was turned into a campaign wedge issue by team Mongiardo when it criticized his chief rival, Attorney General Jack Conway, for calling himself one tough S.O.B during the Fancy Farm political picnic. The Mongiardo campaign says the audio tape was “edited” and Gov. Beshear appeared to agree with that sentiment this morning n 84 WHAS radio.

King College of Consultants: In light of his recent snag with state campaign finance law, Metro Councilman Jim King, D-10, is courting some serious fundraisers, according to the C-J’s Joe Gerth. It sheds light on the brain trust that the mayoral candidate is building, but could having too many advisers muddy the councilman’s message?

Rule for the schools: Changes to the Jefferson County Public School student assignment plan has been a hot button in the community that parents and school officials are eager to get past. But JCPS Superintendent Sheldon Berman wants to delay the implementation for middle and high schools until 2011-2012.

No laughing matter: Literary critic Christopher Hitchens takes aim at the news comedians like Jon Stewart, arguing they aren’t that informative or that funny.

The killing fields: A fourth teenager has been arrested and charged in the senseless murder of 16-year-old honor student Derrion Albert, who was beaten to death outside a community center in Chicago. The savage attack and street brawl was caught on tape and stunned the area, but police have been able to identify suspects thanks to that amateur video of the fight.

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  1. Rod Blowyabitch
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    That must have been a Chicago neighborhood Obama didn’t get around to organizing.