Lunchbox: West Louisville knows best

Playing the dozens: After announcing that the Louisville African-American Think Tank will be hosting monthly political forums in west Louisville that will focus on the mayoral race, the Rev. Gerome Sutton made it a point to tell The Courier-Journal, “The West End does not know (Metro Councilman) David Tandy.” One prominent Tandy supporter has taken exception to Rev. Sutton’s comments, especially considering the councilman’s district includes parts of west Louisville.  “I didn’t understand what that comment was about,” says State Sen. Gerald Neal, who recently held a fundraiser for Tandy.  “David Tandy is well known across the community, including the black community…People make statements loosely to serve their own interests and perspective when they do not have the responsibility to carry things out. They have the luxury of saying anything. It’s no value to moving toward any objective. It was an unfortuante statement and clearly inaccurate.”

Budget blues: Because of the continuing economic slowdown nationwide, Kentucky’s budget deficits continue to rise. That’s what a group of economic experts who make our revenue forecasts said Monday, adding they expect a $161 million shortfall this fiscal year.

Married with Mongiardo: Gov. Steve Beshear will be on State of Affairs today, where he will likely want to talk about the state’s shrinking revenue instead of a brewing soap opera involving him and Lt. Gov. Dan Mongiardo. Another set of recordings have been leaked where Mongiardo can be heard bashing Beshear again.

Beat the press: Comedian Jon Stewart skewered CNN for fact-checking a “Saturday Night Live” skit while allowing their own guests to make-up statistics without being fact-checked.

Whiner-in-chief: After finding that White House aides were complaining about left-wing bloggers for failing to keep up the pro-Obama rhetoric, The Nation says the Obama administration really needs to get over itself.


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