Irish Hill Revitalization Project Selected

How does a post-industrial community remake itself? Well, it doesn’t hurt to get a bunch of smart people together and force them to compete for the honor. Courtesy of

The Irish Hill Neighborhood Association announced the winners of a design competition intended to generate ideas for an abandoned brownfield sitein the heart of the neighborhood.  After a close review of twenty submitted entries from around the world and an extended deliberation time, the jury awarded first place honors in the Mediative Urbanisms competition to a proposal by a team from Paris, France entitled A Scenic Walk.

A Scenic Walk creates three distinct landscapes each joined to a particular building type with development pushed to Lexington Road.  The rest of the site is left open as a park with walking paths.  Proposed development include mixed-use buildings and a residential tower set off the road with 60 new residential units.  A large multipurpose space and market place negotiates a new “pond biotope.”

Of course, “pond biotope” means a kind of natural preserve with a focus on ecological community… but you knew this. All of this is excellent news for the residents of Irish Hill, of course, whom endured a hot minute with Poe Development over whether the property would be turned into a consumerist-den of chain grocers and Outback Steakhouses. Although no construction plans have been realized, “A Scenic Walk” provides a forward-thinking vision for the area.

Personally, I wish they would’ve chosen a design that implemented sustainable agriculture (we could be the first city in ze vorld to build one of these), but anything that eschews pavement over a potential bee colony can’t hurt.

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  1. Barry Yomama
    Posted October 17, 2009 at 11:53 am | Permalink

    How about doing something with Breslin Park? A month ago the fuckers “mowed” but left 2 foot high weeds around the tetanus inducing swing sets.