Bridges Project Limps Forward In Frankfort

According to The Courier-Journal, Kentucky’s newly minted “infrastructure authority” — whose primary task will be oversight of the $4.1 billion Ohio River Bridges Project, which was designed by monkeys in the late 20th century — will hold its first public hearing this Thursday in Room 106 of the shiny Kentucky Transportation Cabinet building in downtown Frankfort.

Now that the black, tar-coated heart of the behemoth ORBP is finally pumping to life, what about its leaner, cheaper and forward-thinking alternative: 8664? JC Stites, co-founder of the grassroots transportation alternative, says supporters will be in attendance at the hearing to listen and contribute to the dialogue.

“We will definitely have some people there,” he says. “We’re obviously interested in what’s going to happen. Due to the obstruction of the east end bridge,” (the immediate construction of which most Louisvillians support) “the price tag of the project has spiraled out of control.”

Whether the 11-person infrastructure panel — comprised largely of historically pavement-friendly KTC members — will entertain Stites & Co.’s proposal in lieu of following blindly an outdated, costly and unwanted project remains to be seen.

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    You really don’t have a clue do you. GEEZZZZ!!!