Lunchbox: Supper Edition

Sad news from the war front: Fourteen Americans were killed in separate helicopter crashes in Kabul and Helmand province, making today the deadliest day of our totally non-Soviet 9-year war in Afghanistan since 2005. While the world waits with bated breath over whether President Obama will increase troop levels to relative Vietnam-era proportions, the accident also, for the first time ever, claimed the life of three DEA operatives (Afghani heroin is really popular here), further linking our futile domestic war on drugs with the equally futile one we’re fighting over there.

Going public?: Reuters says that our Congress is close to passing a real-life health care reform bill, and that such a bill “likely would include a national health plan that would allow states the option of dropping out,” which makes us long for the old days when the Majority Whip actually whipped waffling elected officals into voting smartly.

Ovaries cost extra: Women pay up to 50% more on health insurance premiums than men, according to this link. Apparently, a nifty trick called “gender-rating” allows companies to discriminate against the fairer sex because, you know, some actuary in a cubicle found that old ladies go to doctors way too much.

The times, they are a endin’: In news that shouldn’t be surprising to anyone, major newspapers across the country announced that print circulation has — yet again — continued its steady decline. Gannett’s USA Today (which reported a 17-percent drop) has been usurped by The Wall Street Journal, which is powered by rare secretions’ from Rubert Murdoch’s penal gland, as the nation’s number one daily paper. Although some of this was expected, as print executives have stopped delivering so many papers to hotels and brothels and such, the across-the-board decline (10.6-percent) is one of the steepest ever, and you’re reading this on the internet.

Chris Wallace needs a vacation: The FOX NEWS anchor attempts to portray the current Presidential administration as something far more dangerous than the last one, which had Dick Cheney. (Linked for inclusion of Sean Connery)

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  1. Ashley Royalty & Brenda Banks
    Posted October 27, 2009 at 3:46 pm | Permalink

    Womens insurance costing more than mens is absolutely ridiculous. Just because of the physical differences there shouldn’t be great differentials for pricing in health insurance costs. Although women do visit the doctors more frequently when they are young, men visit more frequently as they get older. Women didn’t choose to be the child bearers, and we shouldn’t be pentalized because we are. So why is it that health insurance companies do not pentalize some of the top costing medical conditions of people that choose unhealthy lifestyles such as smoking, obesity, and drinking. Who knows who will fall into the next classification of increases in their health insurance, perhaps the diabetics or epileptics.