Lunchbox: Boo

Deal or no deal: Prosecutors have offered a plea deal to the Okolona woman accused of murdering her two children last year. Gail Coontz faces two counts of first-degree murder for allegedly shooting her son Greg, 14, and daughter Nikki, 10. She also is charged with terroristic threatening for allegedly toting a gun to the University of Louisville’s counseling center and holding her therapist hostage. Since Coontz was arrested March 27, 2008, her competency has been in question.

Pill poppers and peddlers: Kentucky law enforcement embarked on the state’s largest drug enforcement sweep this week, charging 518 individuals in 34 counties, most in Eastern Kentucky. The majority of those arrested faces charges related to selling or using illegally obtained prescription pills.

Not nuts: A federal judge will not subject Karen Sypher – the woman accused of extorting Cards coach Rick Pitino – to a battery of psychological testing. U.S. District Judge Charles R. Simpson III said Thursday he does not believe Sypher suffers from a mental disease or defect. In an unusual move, the prosecution asked for the psychological testing (a request usually made by the defense), saying the defendant’s behavior has been “irrational, erratic and disjointed.” Based on the unflattering reputation that precedes her, it’s understandable that one might believe Karen Sypher has, uh, some issues.

Not your average Halloween safety tips: Given the rising concern over the spread of swine flu, I guess it’s no surprise that the illness is putting a slight damper on Halloween. Some tips to staying H1N1 free this spooky holiday: kids – no sharing masks (those things are warm, moist breeding grounds for germs); adults – don’t let those kids put their grubby little hands in your candy bowl (you know they haven’t been washed, despite what their parents are telling them).

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  1. Puhn Tang
    Posted October 30, 2009 at 4:56 pm | Permalink

    Mmmmm, yeah, that request from the prosecution was VERY un-usual and VERY Louisville. Oh well, Rick said he wanted this to go to trial, right? Riiiiight.