Butchertown, JBS Swift & Beyond

Since that much ballyhooed “confrontation” between Louisville Metro’s Board of Zoning Adjustments and JBS/Swift never happened (Sorry, Chase Cain), and the facts themselves have become a tad bit convoluted, here’s a link to BrokenSidewalk.com, which has been covering the ongoing struggle between the Butchertown neighborhood and their stinkiest resident better than any other local media.

Although the article leaves out consideration for the 1,300 workers currently employed at the Story Avenue slaughterhouse — and where/how to relocate those jobs if/when JBS moves out of the neighborhood — Sidewalk’s Branden Klayko offers the best account of the contentious issue around. Here’s an excerpt:

This ordeal between JBS Swift and Butchertown has certainly been sensationalized in the media and in real life, but hopefully as it moves forward, the true significance of relocating a slaughterhouse from Louisville’s urban core will become apparent.  It’s not helpful for the company to pit its workers against the neighborhood or use them as shields against enforcement.  Tacky arguments about butchers in Butchertown must be revealed for what they are.  Political rhetoric about moving the plant has been going on for over a decade but the time for real leadership is upon us.

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    First of all, pigs are people, too, until they become fine table products. That said, what’s with the WATB crying about her dirty car? Somebody give her a free ride back to Mayberry, pronto. It’s a city with busses and cars and factories and shit, lady.