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A Teabagger’s Shopping Blacklist

Since you have been paying attention to more important things, a boycott of “liberal” businesses to be conducted by the tea party movement has probably evaded your radar. Allow the Christian Coalition-approved website to fill in the necessary blanks: On January 20, 2010 we will demonstrate our power and reach to those companies who employ […]

“A Different Kind of War”

That’s the name of a new report, written by a team of historians at the US Army’s Combat Studies Institute, which covers the early years (Oct. 2001 – Sept. 2005) of our flailing war in Afghanistan. Clocking in at over 400 pages, the report reveals that aside from knocking the Taliban out of power with […]

KY Budgetary Woes Worse Than Expected

You may remember about two weeks ago when the Consensus Forecasting Group projected that Kentucky’s fiscal future wasn’t so bleak, after all. So naturally you went and maxed out your credit card on Wiis for the whole family. Well, turns out the CFG got the fiscal story half right, as Gov. Steve Beshear dropped some […]

Post-Xmas War on Terror Blues

Sorry to bum you guys out on the first day back from our glorious holiday feeding ritual, but here’s a little something I spotted on A. Huffington’s Innernette News & Porn Depository that nicely encapsulates the futile and idiotic nature of our nation’s current “War on Terror.” On Christmas Day, a London-educated Nigerian apparently took […]

KY Unemployment Rates Up, Benefits Extended

The Kentucky Office of Employment and Training released some not-to-happy unemployment figures just in time for the yuletide season.  Fayette County recorded the lowest jobless rate in the Commonwealth at 7.1 percent. It was followed by Calloway County, 7.5 percent; Woodford County, 7.6 percent; Scott County, 8 percent; Boyd, Jessamine and Madison counties, 8.1 percent each; Rowan […]

The ‘Biggest Lying Douchebag of the Year Award’ Goes To…

… this guy: [youtube][/youtube]

There Is No Santa. Only ZUUL.

The editors of failing paper-of-record The New York Times have published their most important editorial feature of the year. In it, psychologists and other assorted eggheads offer advice on how best to build up a child’s belief in the present-demon known as “Santa Claus” and then pull the rug from underneath them while inflicting only a minimum […]

2009 in Under 25 Minutes

If you weren’t paying much attention to things in 2009 (say you had a kid, lost your home or (worse) became obsessed with Lady GaGa) here is perhaps the best analysis of where this country — and the White House — is at, minus any real mention of Afghanistan, and distilled into 25 minutes by three […]

“Poor” is the new “Morbidly Obese”

The next time you’re chided by a “friend” or member of your “family” because you smoke “too much” and/or eat “too many” whole rotisserie-cooked game hens, tell them that you’d stand a much greater chance of dying young if you were poor. And while you’re at it, tell ‘em science sent you: The average low-income […]

Lunchbox: The pre-Xmas edition

Coal for the King: The Courier-Journal’s editorial board couldn’t have made it clearer, mayoral candidate and Metro Councilman Jim King, D-10, should exit the race. The newspaper chronicles King’s missteps and troubled candidacy, saying his departure would “allow for the focus to return to vital issues facing the metro area.” Ironically, just last week the […]