Monthly Archives: January 2010

Violent Republican Runs For Oldham County Magistrate

Earlier today, I had the unique pleasure of reading a press release announcing the candidacy of J.D. Sparks for the office of Oldham County magistrate. It mentioned so many of Mr. Sparks’ accomplishments, works and other politically-empowering deeds that, had I not been personally attacked by him, I’d be inclined to believe that I was […]

Lunchbox: To Infinity & Beyond

Bluegrass Blastoff: A consortium of Kentucky universities is partnering with NASA to launch the commonwealth’s very first satellite into space, which is totally awesome. Dubbed KySat-1, the camera-equipped satellite will orbit the earth and provide a direct feed of images into K-12 classrooms across the state. (Extra credit will be given to students who can […]

Heiner 2.0

Understanding that an online presence is important on the campaign trail, Republican mayoral candidate and Metro Councilman Hal Heiner, R-19, re-launched his campaign website earlier today. It’s an improvement from the original site, which was plain and a boring advertisement of the east Louisville Republican’s candidacy. The new site outlines Heiner’s message of job growth, […]

One-Year Anniversary of Apocalyptic Ice Storm

Is it coincidence that today is the one year-anniversary of the Great 2009 Ice Storm as well as President Obama’s first State of the Smoldering Rubble Heap Union? Why, of course it is! For a few moments, let’s hark back… back to a time when the city was crippled and buried under a foot of […]

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell & Please Try Not To Rape

Today, it seems, is just not a good day to be a woman in ‘Merica. Adding to the sadness pile is this latest report, which reveals that approximately one-third of active duty female soldiers in the United States armed forces have been raped while in the service. Furthermore, upwards of 71 percent report being sexually […]

KY Senate’s Anti-Choice Abortion Nonsense Bill is Nonsense

Oh, to be white, male and a member of the Kentucky senate. Few institutions outside of the Ku Klux Klan, FOX NEWS and the He-Man Women-Hater’s Club reward this demographic more handsomely than our own state legislature. Although the form of these rewards vary wildly — from good ol’ boy coal funding and golf course […]

Paul’s Resignation Demand Out of Ths World

U.S. Senatorial candidate and son of America’s favorite marginal revolutionary figure Rand Paul released an interesting letter today, which asks his Republican primary challenger/KY Secretary of State Trey Grayson to excuse himself from his duties as chairman of the state board of elections due to a supposed “conflict of interest.” Pertinent excerpts from the letter […]

Lunchbox: Late lunch edition

Money in the bank?: Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear proposed a budget that bets on $780 million in revenue from expanded gambling, but House Democrats are showing little support for the spending plan and Senate President David Williams, R-Burkesville, still represents a brick wall. Most observers are scratching their heads at the governor’s “bold” strategy and […]

For Mongiardo, Whine & Cheese Does Not A Good Rebuttal Make

As expected, Lt. Governor Daniel Mongiardo has made a poo-poo over Jack Conway’s signing of official candidacy papers today. While thunder-stealing is, of course, a commonplace political tactic, and there are a variety of ways to rob your opponent’s sails of any apparent wind — from “pointing out the facts” to spinning the facts to […]

Abramson + Obama = ♥

For the eleventy-billionth time, Jerry Abramson is meeting with Barack Obama in Washington D.C. to talk about things like job creation, fat kids and potentially why Harry Reid is so full of racism. Under the purview of the U.S. Conference of Mayors, here’s a glimpse at Jerry’s three-day itinerary. Part of the White House discussion […]