8 in 10 Americans Support Legal Medical Weed

Eight in 10 Americans — 81% overall — support allowing doctors to prescribe cannabis, according to an ABC News/Washington Post poll.

That’s up from just 69% in 1997, the last time the two firms asked that question, and from 75% in 2003, according to Gallup.

The main divide among American voters today is how the medical community should be enabled to dole out the drug. The most recent state to allow medical marijuana — New Jersey — has the most strenuous controls found anywhere in the nation. [The Raw Story]

And secondly:

When it comes to outright legalization, the news agencies found that just 46 percent are in favor. Gallup said in October that it had found 44 percent of Americans support legalization, while an Angus-Reid poll in December resulted in 53 percent in favor.

What does it mean? Get your voting grandparents high, wait for them to die or simply continue packing your skull-bong in your windowless basement until about fifteen years when the country is finally ready for it. Any way you look at it, though, this is progress.

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  1. Legalize it
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    Do you think marijuana should be legalized?