For Mongiardo, Whine & Cheese Does Not A Good Rebuttal Make

As expected, Lt. Governor Daniel Mongiardo has made a poo-poo over Jack Conway’s signing of official candidacy papers today. While thunder-stealing is, of course, a commonplace political tactic, and there are a variety of ways to rob your opponent’s sails of any apparent wind — from “pointing out the facts” to spinning the facts to outright lobbing a baseless charge of pigfuckery at them — comparing a candidacy to a semi-popular cable television series is a curious brand of ammunition.

Here’s the full text from the Mongiardo camp’s “rebuttal”…

Conway Engaged in “Extreme Makeover”

During a press conference this morning at the state capitol, Jack Conway attempted to reinvent himself as an “independent Democrat” when over the past year Conway has repeatedly promoted himself as the “preferred candidate of the national Democratic Party.”

Kim Geveden, spokesman for Democratic Lt. Governor Daniel Mongiardo’s U.S. Senate Campaign called Conway’s performance, “a cynical attempt to reinvent himself.”

Geveden said, “Jack Conway has no shame.  For the last year Jack has promoted himself as ‘the candidate preferred by the National Democratic Party.’  He has even printed fundraising invitations touting ‘National Congressional leaders’ as his special guests.  Now – he suddenly appears before reporters this morning and claims he is an ‘independent-minded’ Democrat who will take on Washington’s establishment insiders.  Kentucky voters won’t be fooled by Jack Conway’s extreme political makeover.”

“Jack Conway maybe a smooth talking politician, but Democratic voters deserve a candidate who gives straight answers, not someone who reinvents himself because of the changing political winds,” said Geveden.

Shame… cynical… smooth talking… hmmm… I get what they’re insinuating, but the logic seems a little lacking. Trying to align Mongiardo, the Lt. Governor, with a kind of outsider/true-independent meme seems a little far-reaching, but I digress. You’d just think that with that kind of mouth he would’ve opted for the simple but elegant pigfucker-route. Oh well.

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