Monthly Archives: February 2010

Bunning: “Tough Shit” to Unemployed

With his successful blockage last night of a motion to extend unemployment benefits for millions of Americans amidst rising joblessness, stagnant job creation and potential domestic cannibalism, Sen. Jim Bunning was awake long enough during a session of Congress to outfail even himself — and single-handedly drag the entire country down with him. Basically, the […]

Shitting In The Wind

That’s basically the only metaphor I could think of while watching today’s mega-hyped health care summit: You’re walking down the street, somebody yells at you from their window, “Hey, look at this!” and then proceeds to stick their ass into the frame and, from a decent height, defecate onto the sidewalk below. You can’t deny that the […]

At Least We’re Not Utah (Yet)

By now you’ve probably heard of this, Utah’s illustrious plan to make illegal any miscarriage perpetrated by a rogue terrorist womb-carrier (aka “a woman”). From In addition to criminalizing an intentional attempt to induce a miscarriage or abortion, the bill also creates a standard that could make women legally responsible for miscarriages caused by […]

Fairness on the March

Regarding the fairness rally held in Frankfort yesterday, here’s a short blurb courtesy of The Lexington Herald-Leader, a newspaper which apparently still exists: Sponsored by the Kentucky Fairness Alliance, the rally filled the rotunda and featured speeches from two officials with the state Commission on Human Rights and several state lawmakers. The Rev. Albert Pennybaker, […]

Lunchbox: Superbowl HealthDay

Currently, your elected federal leaders are taking a lunch break from a seven hour discussion regarding how best to re-capitulate on health care reform. Most of the morning consisted of various opening remarks and platitudes courtesy of President Obama, Sen. Lamar Alexander, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and someone named Harry Reid. Once they’ve finished eating […]

Louisville Gets Green For Greening

Mayor Jerry Abramson announced today the creation of four new loan programs whose purpose is twofold: (1) To shore up job creation amid a time of rampant poverty and cannibalism, and (2) create a few green jobs in the process. Created from a combination fund of both federal and city moneys, the new loan programs […]

Lunchbox: Don’t Get Old

Help the Aged?: As the Kentucky House meets this week to “discuss” how many band-aids are needed to slow the bleeding of a $1.5 billion budgetary shortfall, the state’s elderly population is poised to become the latest demographic to get the shaft. Looming cuts threaten to close multiple senior assisted living centers across the state, […]

The Amazing Obama-Man!

With advent of the White House’s own (decidedly socialist) health care bill, deregulating the economic influence of Timothy Geithner and unrelated news that Dick Cheney suffered a heart attack, there’s once more a reason for progressives to get excited about President Obama. And what better way to celebrate the President’s latent progressive-streak than a series […]

The (black) state of the commonwealth

The Kentucky Commission on Human Rights released a revised version of its Status of African Americans in Kentucky report, and statistics show that blacks continue to struggle in the commonwealth. Relying on a variety of sources, the study encapsulates the most recent information affecting African-Americans in housing, education and the criminal justice system. At the […]

Unemployment: The Movie

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and Lions Gate Films have just released the latest teaser trailer for their upcoming “Unemployment: The Movie” starring Paul Giamatti and Mos Def, each of whom play laid off workers who slowly starve to death in the course of the film’s 586 minutes. According to TMZ, rumor has it […]